Reload Method

You can reload via Online Credit Card Reload Service, e – Topup, BEST Reload Voucher, Shared Reload Service, “Instant Deposit” / “BOC Express” of Bank of China and “e-Banking Services” of Bank of China. 

Online Credit Card Reload Service

With the Credit Card Reload Service, you can reload your CTM Prepaid Card anytime and anywhere for your friends, family and domestic helper.


<Method 1>

- Reload your prepaid card via CTM Buddy App.

- Simply provide valid Prepaid card number and credit card to reload. No need any registration of eServices account, so easy and convenient!

Download CTM Buddy App


<Method 2>

- Reload your prepaid card via eShop.
- Do not request any registration of eServices account, reload becomes so easy and convenient.

Click to reload

<Method 3>

-       Login CTM eServices to reload your prepaid card (you need to register for an eServices account in advance)
-       You can check on your reload detail in your account easily!

e – Topup 

Visit any CTM shop or Authorized Card Agent, the shop representative can reload the BEST Prepaid Card for you conveniently! 
Reload Amount (MOP) includes $50
$100$200$300 $400 and $500.


BEST Reload Voucher 

Reload Value Amounts (MOP) $50, $100, $200 & $500. 

Choice of Methods
<Method 1>
Dial 1772 from your mobile phone with the BEST Prepaid Card inserted and input the BEST Reload Voucher Number beneath the silver panel of the voucher.

<Method 2>
Dial 1772 from any fixed-line telephone and input the BEST Reload Voucher Number beneath the silver panel of the voucher.

<Method 3>Press122BEST Reload Voucher Number # + Confirm Button with the BEST Prepaid Card inserted in your mobile phone. 

Shared Reload Service 

CTM Postpaid Mobile Customers can reload any BEST Prepaid Card from anywhere at anytime. Simply login MobiWeb to instantly reload. The amount will be debited automatically to the CTM Postpaid Mobile Customers’ monthly bill. 

<Method 1>Go to → Login MobiWeb → Reload Online → Input BEST Prepaid Mobile No. → Select Reload Amount ($50$100$200or $300 ) → Confirm 

<Method 2>Postpaid CTM Mobile Customer can simply press 178passwordBEST Prepaid Mobile No.Reload Amount + Confirm Button to reload a Best Prepaid Card. The amount will be charged to the postpaid CTM Mobile Postpaid Customer's monthly bill. Enjoy the convenience and no need to apply individually! 

For example Reload of $50 
178passwordBEST Prepaid Mobile No.50 # + C
onfirm button 

CTM Mobile Postpaid customers can also reload $50 or $200 or $300 for any of the Best Prepaid Card by pressing the below on the phone. 

- A confirmation SMS will be sent to both postpaid and BEST prepaid customers upon any completion of a reload. 
- The maximum reload value per day is $300 for each postpaid mobile number
(includes the daily reload limit of Shared Reload Service via mobile phone). 
- The password is the last 4 digits of the postpaid customers' SIM card. If customer entered the wrong password for more than 10 times, the service will be locked immediately and the re-activation will only be resumed on the next day. 


Instant Deposit” / “BOC Express” of Bank of China 
Reload via 24-hour “Instant Deposit” / “BOC Express” machine from Bank of China (Macau) with $100 or $500 cash note(s). 


 “e-Banking Services” of Bank of China
Bank of China (Macau) customers can reload their BEST Prepaid Card via “BOC Online Banking (Personal Services)” and “Service Hotline888 95566”. $100 will be reloaded onto the card each time and can only reload at a maximum of $2,000. The amount will be charged from customer’s designated Bank of China (Macau) account