BEST Prepaid Card (IDD / Roaming)
Service Details

Face Value Amounts: $50, $100 & $130
- Enjoy NO Deposits for IDD &Roaming Services
- Special IDD 050 Offer
- FREE Caller’s Line Identification & 180 Days Usage Period
- FREE 10 minutes local video airtime and 2MB local Mobile Broadband (Only applicable for prepaid card valued $100 & $130)
- Just $0.40 / min. per Local Call – 24 Hours
- Special Reduced Hours Plan for as low as MOP0.30 / min.
- Local SMS: $0.25 & International SMS: $1.00
- Able to send MMS
- Enjoy WeWAP and many other Value Added Services
- FREE Missed Call Alert when Roaming
- Choose your own Reduced Hour Plan
- Can access Mobile Broadband (HSDPA), no need to apply can enjoy up to 3.6Mbps for accessing Internet


Voice Airtime
(per minute)


(per minute)

Per Message Sent

Mobile Broadband*

FREE Value-added Service



FREE Items for initial usage






Caller’s Line Identification

Service Charge






- In order to send SMS, your mobile phone must be set with the Multi-media Message Centre Number: +8536800855.
- Free for receiving MMS & SMS.
* The FREE Mobile Broadband usage is only applicable to BEST Prepaid Card valued at $100 or above.

Voice Airtime ChargeReduced Hour Plans Airtime


BEST Prepaid Card (LOCAL or IDD/ Roaming) Charges


Reduced Hours

Reduced Hours Charge/min

Standard Hours Charge/min


24 Hours



08:00 - 20:00




20:00 - 08:00



24 Hours

"CTM Buddy" / min.

Non "CTM Buddy" / min

- All BEST Prepaid Card’s default plan is the Basic Plan.
- "CTM Buddy": CTM Mobile Customers.

"3G Data Package Plan" 

Tariff of "3G Data Package Plan"

Plan (Plan code)





Service Charge (MOP / 30 days)





Mobile Broadband Usage

Free usage (MB / 30 days)


1 GB

2 GB


Thereafter charges (MOP / KB)





Wireless Broadband - Wi-Fi* Usage

Free usage (Hour / 30 days)





Thereafter charges (MOP / min.)





  How to apply:

  Registration: Press #160* (Plan code 1 - 4) # + Dial
  Cancellation: Press #160* 9 # + Dial
  Enquiry: Press #160# + Dial

- This service is not available for the non-activated prepaid card, please activate the prepaid card via 1772 or *122# before using this service. Dial 1772 or press *122* Reload Voucher No. # (Confirm Button) for reloading prepaid card. Service is only applicable in Macau. Upon successful register via 1773, the service charge is deducted instantly. The usage expiry date is 30 days; thereafter charges will be deducted automatically in the residual balance every 30 days.
* Upon the successful application of the “3G Data Package Plan”, the system will send you a Wi-Fi user account and password via SMS. With Wi-Fi enabled device at any CTM Wireless Broadband Hotspots. Connect to the Internet with your Wi-Fi account. (Wi-Fi account is BEST Prepaid Card number.)

"Online Everywhere in Macau" Plan

$78 / 2 days and $188 / 7 days "Online Everywhere in Macau" Plan*
(Free Local 3G Mobile Broadband + CTM Wi-Fi)

Please dial #162*1# (apply for 2 days Plan) and #162*7# (apply for 7 days Plan) for renewal.
For enquiry: Dial #162#
For cancellation: Dial #162*0#

*$78 / 2 days and $188 / 7 days "Online Everywhere in Macau" Plan is the special offer.

Notes: This service is based on he CTM Acceptable Use Policy (AUP) and Fair Usage Policy (FUP). Service is only applicable in Macau. The "Online Everywhere in Macau" Plan will expire after 2 days / 7 days, and will not extend automatically. For service extension, please re-apply for the plan again, the charge is deducted instantly and it is limited to apply only once during the same period. If customers exceed the usage of 500MB (2 days) / 1GB (7 days), the download speed will automatically adjust from 3.6MB to 384KB. The offer and latest price are subject to change without prior notice. CTM reserves the right to make the final decision in case of any dispute.


 - As stipulated by the Macau Government, customers must present their original ID Card for registration upon purchasing the card. (All customers must be 18 years or above).

- Customers can reload the card with several BEST Reload Vouchers with a maximum value of $50,000.

- The mobile number is randomly generated by the system. Customer cannot request to change the mobile number.

- The card does not support collect calls.

- If you lose your card, please report the loss by calling No. 1 Hotline: 1000 for immediate card cancellation. You are advised not to access the PIN code of the card. If the card becomes inoperative due to misuse or incorrect input of the PIN code on part of the customer or the BEST Prepaid Card was expired, then CTM will not be held responsible for any loss / card damage and will not accept any card change request or retain the mobile number for the customer.

- CTM reserves the right to make the final decision of any disputes about the airtime, balance, free items, and expiry date.

- Customer is required to buy a new BEST Prepaid Card when changing to other card types, and all extra bonus / free items of the old card will be terminated immediately.

Expiry Dates :
- Activation Expiry Date: You must activate the BEST Prepaid Card on or before the expiry date printed on the backside of the card, otherwise CTM will not be responsible for any loss and the card will be invalid thereafter.
- Usage Expiry Date: The usage expiry date of the card is 180 days from the date the card is activated or when the value is recharged. The residual balance and mobile number will be brought forward and remain unchanged, respectively, if the card is reloaded before the usage expiry date.