CTM Macau 4G+ Social Card

Why Choosing Social card?

Simply make a voice call or send an SMS via your 4G+ Social Card and your 4G+ Social Unlimited Data Plan 1 will be instantly activated giving you 30 days of Local Data Usage to enjoy social media apps, such as Facebook, WhatsApp and WeChat for just $88, and enables you to communicate with your friends and family through Data service or Voice any time!


Experience the 4G high-speed data anytime by applying the 4G+ 24 hours speed reset service at $20 for 24 hours!


CTM Macau 4G+ (IDD/Roaming) Prepaid Card
4G+ Prepaid Card (IDD / Roaming) : Suitable for customers who use local voice and IDD service. Various 4G+ data plans to suit your needs!
CTM Macau 4G+ “Online Everywhere in Macau” Prepaid Data Card (3 days & 7 days)

Suitable for tourists visiting Macau who wish to enjoy unlimited local data usage & CTM Wi-Fi!


CTM Macau 4G+ Speedy Prepaid Card
4G+ Speedy Prepaid: Suitable for customers who use local voice and data services regularly, 4G+ data plan is subscribed instantly upon card activation; no further application is required. Customers can enjoy local data usage, local voice airtime and unlimited CTM Wi-Fi for 30 days!