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You can approach CTM Wi-Fi Hotspots with the label use CTM Wi-Fi service, whatever restaurant, hotel, bank, airport, shopping mall, 7-eleven or Circle K, all CTM shops and bus, you can use CTM Wi-Fi service anytime, anywhere. The use of fiber cables ensures ultra-stable data transmission and secure connection. And CTM Wi-Fi service can help you save your mobile data just by connection to it!


We also welcome merchant to become our CTM Wi-Fi hotspot, especially F&B, Souvenirs, Shopping Mall, Recreation and Culture or Customer Service industries…etc. CTM Wi-Fi can help you to gain business opportunities. The installation and handling fee are FREE, for more details / application, please call No. 1 Hotline: 1000, or visit any CTM Shop.

How to use CTM Wi-Fi:

“CTM-WIFI-AUTO connection setting” makes your CTM Wi-Fi connection easier! You can set up through CTM Buddy app, and afterwards your device can automatically connect and use the CTM Wi-Fi network whenever you switch on the Wi-Fi function at CTM Wi-Fi Hotspots. Download CTM Buddy mobile app to know more about CTM Wi-Fi hotspot information.

Use CTM Buddy app NOW:buddy logo

You can also set up “CTM-WIFI-AUTO connection setting” in your mobile device.

Method 1: Mobile Customer Wi-Fi Auto Login Setting:

iOS User:

1. Download the “CTM Wi-Fi EAP-SIM iPhone Profile” from Here or scan the QR Code;

2. Install “CTM WiFi SIM” Profile and press “Install”;

3. Then press “Install” again at the “Warning” screen;

4. After that, “CTM-WIFI-AUTO” will be connected successfully.



Android User:

1. Enable Wi-Fi and select “CTM-WIFI-AUTO”;

2. Select “SIM” at “EAP Method” and press “Connect”;

3. After that, “CTM-WIFI-AUTO” will be connected successfully.


1. The Mobile Auto Login Method is only applicable to Mobile service customers or SIM card supported device.

2. Wi-Fi supported tablets and Internet customer please refer to the Wi-Fi Auto Set Up at CTM Buddy app.

3. If your Wi-Fi service plan is not unlimited usage, and the “CTM-WIFI-AUTO” function is activated, please be reminded to turn off the Wi-Fi function when you are not using CTM Wi-Fi service to avoid any additional service charge incurred.

4.If iOS users cannot connect after the setting, please remove the “CTM- WIFI-Auto” Profile (Steps: Go to “Settings” > “General” > “Profile”) and try again.


Method 2: Internet Customer Wi-Fi Auto Login Setting:

1. Open CTM Buddy app and select “Wi-Fi services” ;

2. Select “Wi-Fi AUTO connection setting” ;

3. Enter your Username and Password (For iOS user, please select “install” at Install Profile);

4. You may then enjoy our Wi-Fi service.




Most of the Mobile Monthly Plan Customers have already included a certain amount of free Wi-Fi usage and thereafter rate is $0.1 per min.



- Upper limit charge for the local WiFi usage: $500.

- CTM reserves the right to make the final decision in case of any dispute.

- CTM Wi-Fi service will filter those websites, which contain sexual explicit materials, violent materials drugs and alcohol abuse, sites promoting racial or religious discrimination, illegal gambling and extremism, etc. New sites appear all the time and the database of such websites is constantly updated.


Wi-Fi Password Resend & Change

Mobile Customers can now access here to resend or change your current Wi-Fi account password.

Wi-Fi Password Resend & Change
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