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1. What are the benefits of using “CTM eServices”?
The main benefits of using “CTM eServices” are that it is available all year round and 24 hours a day of easy-to-use online services for all your Fixed-line and Internet communications and transactions needs. Only one Login ID is needed to manage all your CTM Fixed-line and Internet services registered under your name. Here, you can manage your very own personal CTM Accounts with this fully functional CTM eServices at your conveniences.


2. How do I register?
To register, simply click “Click here to register?” on the login page and fill out the registration form.
To complete the form, you just need to provide your:

  • Registered Name (Your Last Name followed by your First Name, e.g. Chan Tai Man, Lee John)
  • ID / Passport Number (e.g. Macau ID: 12345678)
  • Service No. (i.e. your Fixed-line Phone Number: e.g. 28123456 or your Internet User ID: e.g. DU-myInternet_Login_Name)

And simply set your:

  • CTM eServices Login Name
  • CTM eServices Login Password
  • Security Question and Answer

3. Can I use my existing CTM My Bill User ID and Password to login to the “CTM eServices”?
Yes, you can.

4. Can I use my existing CyberCTM User ID and Password to login to the “CTM eServices”?
No, you need to create a new account to login to the “CTM eServices”.

5. What should I do if I keep getting an error message when I try to submit the registration form?
If you are an existing Fixed-line, Internet or Mobile Service Customer, you can click the “Report” button on the error page, call our No. 1 Hotline: 1000 or go to any CTM Shops for further assistance.  However, if you are a new Mobile Service Customer, please try to login again at least one day after your subscription date.
Registration Flow

Logging on to “CTM eServices”

6. What should I do if I forgot my Password?
You need to click “Forgot Password?” and it will help you to reset your Password.

7. What should I do if I forgot my Login Name?
You should call our No. 1 Hotline: 1000 or approach any CTM Shops for further assistance.

8. What should I do if my “CTM eServices” Account is locked?
Your “CTM eServices” Account will automatically lock after three consecutive login failures for your security protection. Just click the “Forgot Password?” and it will help you to regain access.

Changing User Profile

9. How do I change my Password?
Click “Change Password” which is located on the left side of the “Logout” button on the upper right corner after login.

Managing Accounts

10. Why do I see other information regarding my other account(s) even when I haven’t registered them?
For your convenience, you will automatically see all the related service subscription(s) registered under your name on “CTM eServices” after a successful registration which is dependent on the type of service number you entered during the registration. For example, if you used a mobile number to register, you should be able to view all your current mobile accounts / services. Similarly, if you used a Fixed-line / Internet number to register, you should be able to see all your Fixed-line / Internet accounts / services.

11. I’ve registered for a “CTM eServices” Account with one of my Fixed-line / Internet / Mobile Service numbers, why can’t I see the information for my other service numbers of the same service type?
If this occurs, please report immediately in the “Report Fault” section, or call our No. 1 Hotline: 1000, or visit any CTM Shop for further assistance.

12. How can I merge / split my billing accounts?
You can login to your existing “CTM eServices” Account anytime and input any of your service number in the "Group Accounts” function, then you can choose to group or ungroup the services under the “CTM eServices” Account.

13. Can I use the same “CTM eServices” Account to manage my own family members’ bills?
In order to provide a more personalized service environment, you can only manage the accounts that are under your name.  Thus, your family members should register for the “CTM eServices” individually if they want to enjoy the service.

14. Can I use only one “CTM eServices” User ID to check all of my bills?
Yes, you can simply group all your accounts by choosing the “Group Accounts” option located on the left side of the “Change Password” button on the upper right corner after login.  Please be reminded to enter the “Service No.” to group other accounts, and then press the “Group” button after verification.

Manage Bills and Bill Settlement

15. Can I pay my bills online?
Yes, you can pay your bills in the full amount with a valid debit or credit card.  However, for overdue bills, only credit card will be accepted.  Also, note that this online payment service does not accept partial or advance payment.  Please note that the debit card of Bank of China Macau Branch is accepted.

16. Why do I have a negative balance in my bill statement and what does it mean?
A negative balance actually means that you still have credit left in your account. Thus, no action is required, and the credit amount will be used to settle your next bill.

17. Will I receive paper bills as usual even after I’ve registered for the “CTM eServices”?
Yes, we will still mail paper bills to your registered billing address even after you have applied for the registration.  However, if you wish to stop receiving paper bill, you can choose the “Stop Using Paper Bill” option under “Bill Notification” of the “Manage My Services” section that can be accessed from the menu.  You are cordially invited to choose “Stop Paper Bill” option to help in the saving of our environment.

18. How long will my bills records be stored in the “CTM eServices”?
You will always be able to chek your last six monthly bills.

19. Why do I have difficulty in viewing the online pdf bills?
To view your bills online, your computer must support Netscape Communicator 4.08 or Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher versions and Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher versions.

20. Can I download the pdf bills onto a personal computer?
Yes, just click the "Save" button to download the bill.

21. Can I print my pdf bills?
Yes, simply click the “Print” button to print. The pdf bills will be in the same format as the traditional paper bills, and the barcode shown on the pdf bills support payment at banks or CTM Shops. Customers can also choose to provide the Internet User ID, Fixed-line Number, or Mobile Number to the cashier at CTM Shops for payment.  To save time, you can settle the bills through online payment, by Bank of China Macau Branch debit card or any valid credit card.

22.  What are the benefits of using View My Bill and Manage My Bill in eServices?
After you have registered for the CTM eServices, you can easily manage the following items about your bill:

  • check the latest 6 months bill information, which includes a PDF bill format for download convenience that looks the same as the paper bill;
  • provide the latest 6 months bill graphs for your reference;
  • IDD and roaming service charges are listed in detail;
  • can download the bill information to another PC;
  • settle bill payment via online banking service;
  • change personal information.
Second-line Application

23. What should I do if my desired timeslot for onsite installation is not available to choose?
You can call our No. 1 Hotline: 1000 or visit any CTM Shop to make an appointment that better fits your need.

24. How do I know whether my application is successful or not?
You can keep track of the application status in the “Online Subscription Records” section from the navigation menu.

25. Can I cancel a submitted application?
Yes, you can always cancel a submitted application for services as long as the status is still under “Submitted”.  You can cancel an application / request if the green button is available in the “Cancel Application” column.

26. Can I reschedule the onsite installation appointment any time before the scheduled date?
Yes, you can reschedule the appointment whenever the “Change Appointment” button is available under the “Application Record(s)”.

27. Is there any restriction on the number of times I can reschedule the appointment?
No, there is no restriction on the number of times to reschedule the appointment as long as the “Change Appointment” button is available under the Application Records.

CTM Bonus Points Scheme

28. How can I check the expiry date of my available Bonus Points?
The expiry date can be viewed in the “View My Points History” within the “My Bonus Points” section.

29. Can I transfer my Bonus Points to my other service accounts?
Yes, you can transfer your Bonus Points to an account registered under your name provided that both of these accounts are of the same service type, and the expiry date of the available points in the recipient account will automatically be updated to the earlier expiry date of the two accounts. However, once the expiry date and the bonus points have been transferred, they cannot be changed again.

30. What will happen to my points if I change my Fixed-line number?
Your available Bonus Points will be retained and matched to your new number.

31. Can I continue using my Bonus Points even if I terminate my service line?
No, once you terminate your service line, your available points from that account will be automatically forfeited.

32.  After I have applied for the gift redemption on “CTM eServices” successfully, how long do I need to wait to collect my gift?
If you redeem your gift as a Fixed-line or Internet Customer, you will have 30 days to pick up the gift at the CTM Shop from the date you have redeemed through the “CTM eServices”.

33. How do I receive gifts like Account Credit?
It will be automatically credited to your next bill statement.


34. If I have other questions that are not listed here, what should I do?
You can call our No. 1 Hotline: 1000, click the “Talk to Us” from the main menu, or visit any CTM Shop for further assistance.